Sports and outdoor activity at a Flow Park

Friday afternoon adventure in the old forest

Sprintit Oy, Päivi Lotila

In the middle of projects as well as hard work we needed a refreshment and went to Helsinki Flow Park, called Zippy. Different levels of adventure tracks, zip lanes, ladders, were progressed through succesfully, someone even passed the tracks twice, in the grand primeval forest. The weather favored racing outfit and what could be nicer than ending the working week outdoors in a good company.

After a quite physicall climbing we were able to relax in the sauna and had a delicious dinner at Merimakasiini.

Awesome was to note during the day, how Sprintit eight-member team made it really hard to cross zipp lines in the climbing track. Physicall efforts and crossing other challenges, and a great bunch of others encouragement made us feel experts.

A fun and sprotive afternoon helped to forget all work matters and brought a welcome change to our daily routines. Super team!