Finnish open source ERP market leader Sprintit grows strongly

Sprintit acquires Pupesoft software and business

Sprintit Oy, Petri Heino

Sprintit Ltd and Devlab Ltd have agreed on a business acquisition, which transfers all Pupesoft business to Sprintit starting on 1st Feb 2017.

Sprintit will take over caring for current Pupesoft customers. The change does not require any action from customers. Current Pupesoft staff will join Sprintit as old employees.

"We are very pleased to see two of the leading open source ERP providers in Finland joining forces. Devlab employees have years of experience serving wholesale and retail customers, and they will continue to service our Pupesoft clients,” says chairman of the board Petri Heino.

Sprintit provides modern and competitive ERP solutions to Finnish company and public organizations. The cornerstones of Sprintit business are satisfied customers, a high level of expertise, and world class ERP solutions. In the coming years, we are going to see a rise in the use of open source ERP solutions, and Sprintit will continue developing support for them. 

"Combining our expertise and experience through this sale will allow us to serve our customers even better, and to provide them even more comprehensive open source enterprise resource planning solutions,” adds Johan Tötterman, CEO of Devlab.

Sprintit was founded in 2014. The company focuses on delivery, administration and support for open source Odoo and Pupesoft solutions. Sprintit has implemented Odoo ERP solutions for dozens of customers. The basis of our business is experienced staff that our customers can always rely on. After this acquisition, the company will employ fifteen ERP professionals. Sprintit revenue reached one million euros in 2016. 

Sprintit wholesale and retail clients include Puuilo, the Punnitse & Säästä chain, World Of Tre, Confetti, Suomen, Edututor, the Caffi chain, Komerofood, and the breweries Malmgårdin Panimo and Rekolan Panimo. Besides wholesale and retail, Sprintit has delivered Odoo ERP solutions to several other branches of business, such as consulting businesses and the manufacturing industry.

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