New colleagues at Sprintit

Sprintit Oy, Tanja Arffman
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Petri Riski, ICT-Arhitect and Management Consultant

“Things should be done well or should not be done at all"

Petri is an addition to Sprintit’s experienced employees. He has more than 30 years of experience from technical field, as well as business, logics guidance systems, coding and profitability calculations. Petri has a strong entrepreneur background which can be seen from his methods of working. Petri’s work at Sprinit includes producing and making solutions for customers. Petri is very detailed person who openly tries new things.  This can be also noticed when he’s cooking, he is a food and wine enthusiast.

Olli Björkqvist, Support Specialist, BSc

“My work enables me to use my creativity and that's the reason why I like it so much"

Olli is working in Odoo customer support where his solution-oriented course of action is very essential. Among other things Olli has been working in company called Oberthur Technologies as a security manager, before starting at Sprintit. He has strong proggrammin experience. Olli is very interested in movies and music. During his free time he likes to go to gigs.  

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Konsta Aavaranta, Finance Lead, M.Econ 

“I think that simple is beatiful and very often also the best solution"

Konsta is very solution-oriented financial administration specialist. Sprintit is a growing company and Konsta is especially interested in the challenges and development of financial administration in Sprintit.  Konsta becomes enthusiastic when he gets to solve problems and to help customers, colleagues and employer to do things more sensibly and cost-effectively. Before starting at Sprintit, Konsta has been leading financial administration of marketing agency as well as working in Danske Bank in various task in sales and financial administration. Konsta has a lot of hobbies like going to gym, to roam the outdoors, doing meditation and reading. The future the spare time will be spent with his family;  wife and newborn son. 


Jussi Lehto, Support Specialist 

“My work style is very systematical and the customers are my top priority" 

Jussi is a self-taught, entrepreneurial employee. His path to entrepreneurship started when he put up a company while still studying in a secondary school. As an entrepreneur he takes into consideration the general view. Jussi has earned some international experience by working couple of years in Tallinn. At the moment he is working as a support specialist and his task is to support customers business by using Sprintit’s programs. Jussi is very ambitious worker and during his spare time he is taking care of his well-being by going to the gym regularly. 

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