Odoo evolves with speed

Version 11 out now

Sprintit Oy, Catarina Myllärniemi

Open source erp evolves

Odoo 11 out now

Belgian Louvain-la-Neuvessä, a small city close to Brussels, is buzzing. Locally has gathered three thousand open source experts that yern to hear about the new features published with the launch of Odoo 11. The newly published features are many reaching from usability to heavy-duty financial solutions.

A douzen of years, and the Odoo technolgy has evolved into a modular whole business application that is used by 160 000 companies and 3,7 million users around the world. Odoo is born from the vision and work of Fabien Pinckaersin to challenge the traditional and stiff crm and erp technologies through the open source technology and community. In 2014 the former name, OpenErp was changed into Odoo deleating fences to become a stronger actor in the eCommerce and Website technology deliverer scene.


Fabien Pinckaers tells:

"Development has been done in multiple areas compared to the work done for example earlier years. We have had twice the amount of developers".

First of all the usabiity has been increased. Also the user interface has been worked at in detail. The typical Odoo Kanban views have been clarified and especially the mobile views have experienced a leap. Communication betwee the chat, calenders and the meetings views now work well and easy the make the company's internal and external communi


Respenting usability

Usabiity has been one of the key focus areas in Pinckaers' minimalistic filosofy. Effortless to use is an important client promise that Odoo Enterprise 11 redeems. In addition, there are more gamified elements, for example color indicators in green, yellow and red as well as a the happy rainbowman that bounces into the screen when a project has been accomplised. Motivaton is key in project work.


“There is no reason why work could not be fun”, tells about the "superfast" and "supereasy" application Fabien Pinckaers himself.


Three times faster

Odoo 11 is three times faster. In the development work attention has been focused for the needs of the services industry. One big effort has been increasing the financial side of Odoo, adaptable to many countries in Europe.


ERP Master Marko Happonen, Sprintit Ltd.


Odoosta exists in Enterprise ja Community versions. The Enterprise-version has a price tag but brings several additional feature to its clients. Certified partner, like Sprintit, offer both Enterprise and Community versions and they both can be taylored according to client needs. Sprintit has a lot of reference clients as both community and enterprise users.



Marko Happonen, Partner, ERP MasterErMaster

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Sprintit Oy

Sprintit was founded in 2014 and develops open source erp solutions for businesses and public etities. Sprintit employes 22 people and its turnover during 2016 was approximately one million euros . Sprintit's growth is based on deep customer understanding and the agile development. Company culture is based on reliability, professionalism and teamwork. Sprintit is a certified Odoo-partner. www.sprintit.fi



Odoo has over 160 000 company level users and 3.7 million individual users all over the world. Odoo is at the moment the most downloaded business app in the world. Odoo has been rewarded as the best rising technology by its usability as the best financial application by Finances Online in 2017.