Retail - Puuilo dives into the cloud

Open source Product Information Management and ERP in the focus

Sprintit Oy, Marko Happonen

Smart Shopping

"Smart shopping" phenomenon has pushed Puuilo into rapid growth. ICT strategy was updated recently in order to support the expanding business. Cornerstones of the new strategy are centralized PIM and ERP systems, as well as cloud-based Point of Sales, updated e-commerce and reporting platforms.

According to CIO Esa Haapa-aho the growth is possible only if your business critical data is up-to-date in all the sales channels and is easily updated across all business applications including print marketing media.

Odoo and Akeneo are already prooven tools abroad and in Finland 

Esa Haapa-aho, Puuilo CIO

Cost efficiency, scalability, easy modifications

The selected systems consists of both new and already used systems. Akeneo PIM platform (provided by Omnipartners) and Odoo ERP (Sprintit) are the new ones. ePages e-Commerce (Vilkas), cloud based Point of Sales (Crafthouse) and Qlik reporting (Evolvit & Staria) have already been in use earlier and will be upgraded to the newest versions and integrated to Odoo and Akeneo. Common for all of the systems is a cost-effective and modern cloud architecture and user interface.

Step by step agile implementation

Implementation is taking place in phases. As the architecture is consisting of both already used systems and new ones you are able realise the project without big bangs.  The first sprint was realised eight weeks after the first workshop.

About Puuilo

Puuilo is established in 1982 and has grown from a small backyard workshop to a country wide 16 store retail chain selling 80 000 different articles from garden accessories and fishing gears to workshop hardware.

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