SprintIT continues to accelerate

Preliminary information of the financial statements

Sprintit Oy, Catarina Myllärniemi

SprintIT continues to accelerate

SprintIT, which offers open source ERP systems, continues to grow strongly. Pro forma operating profit for the year 2017 was EUR 340000 and pro forma turnover increased by 104 per cent from the previous year to EUR 1.8 million and the pro forma operating profit was EUR 340,000. The company's vision is to make software solutions based on open code as a recognized alternative to extensive information technology projects.

Growth was based on both organic growth and corporate restructuring. The demand for Odoo software has accelerated further, and organic growth was significant in that respect. In addition, turnover was boosted by a business transaction in February 2017, where Pupesoft was acquired from Devlab Oy.

"Thanks to the acquisition, we were able to combine the two leading open source ERP suppliers in Finland. The Pupesoft business still accounts for around 30 percent of net sales, "says Petri Heino, Chairman of SprintIT's Board of Directors.

SprintIT has been perceived as a genuinely agile alternative to traditional ways of acting. The rapid rise is to provide a clear, far-reaching solution for financial management, marketing, logistics, or production. The value added to the customer arises from the fact that the repayment period of the investment is short and the customer will soon have an active part of the software available after the project is launched. Modularity is precisely the feature that challenges the pregnancy of traditional ERP systems and the many uncertainties associated with the introduction. The previous software components are fully integrated into new modules. The Odoon App Store is the largest in the business world.

The company's growth is on a sustainable basis, as profitability remained at a very good level. The company's founding partners Petri Heino, Roy Nurmi and Marko Happonen have all the long, over 20 years of experience in working with major ERP projects with world-class customer relationships.

"Strong growth is due to customers' confidence in the professional skills of SprintIT's specialists. We are thankful that, apart from technology, we understand business, "continues Heino.

The company is aiming for a very strong growth in the future and its vision is to make open code based software solutions a recognized alternative to large-scale IT projects in large companies and communities.

New experts are needed to ensure growth. Competition from experts is fierce.

"Growth would not have been possible without the experience and customer understanding of our diamond staff," Heino says.

"Our goal is to be the most desirable job of open source companies. There is a need now for developers in particular, Heino decides.

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Petri Heino, Chairman of the Board, SprintIT Ltd, tel. +358 50 5378602


Catarina Myllärniemi, HR and Mark & ​​Com Lead, SprintIT Ltd, p. 050 919 5739



SprintIT is a limited liability company founded in 2014, whose mission is to change the software market by offering open source solutions to business and community business support. The company's net sales are strongly expanding and amounted to EUR 1.8 million for the financial year ending in November 2017. The company employs 25 top experts, whose work is supported by self-directed and coaching management. SprintIT is an Odoo Partner. www.sprintit.fi

Odoo's open source European Odoo application uses more than 160,000 companies, and the software suite has over 3.7 million users. Odoo is the world's most popular business application. Odoo has been rewarded as the best emerging technology and best-in-demand financial software on the Finances Online software site in 2017.

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