SprintIT is the first Odoo Gold partner in Finland

The tough and fast growing ERP enterprise trusts in agile systems

Sprintit Oy, Catarina Myllärniemi

SprintIT is the first Odoo Gold partner in Finland

The tough and fast growing ERP enterprise trusts in agile systems

SprintIT is the first Odoo Gold partner in Finland
The tough and fast growing ERP enterprise trusts in agile systems

SprintIT had a bold vision of an open-source ERP enterprise in 2014. The founding shareholders, after four years of operations, aim to change the market of enterprise resource planning i.e. ERP by digitizing the business of Finnish companies one module at a time. Four years later, in June 2018, SprintIT has reached the Gold Partnership level of Odoo Technologies, formerly known as OpenERP. Globally, only 10 percent of the over 1,000 partners have risen to this level. SprintIT's sales reached nearly two million euros in FY 2017 and the business continues on a strong path of growth.

In June 2014, Marko Happonen, Petri Heino, and Roy Nurmi joined forces as partners of the newly founded SprintIT Ltd. Happonen had made a long career with SAP, while Heino was working as the lead in sales in a telecommunication company. Roy Nurmi had already been in charge of ERP business in multiple technology companies. The three men had just received the first customer order: Confetti, a big provider of celebration and baking goods. Since then, SprintIT has grown step by step with its customers and skilled staff. The revenue of two million has been achieved through income financing only.


Petri Heino, Chairman of the Board says:

“Demand brings us growth. It is a result of customers' need to make decisions based on actual data and information.”

Four years after its establishment, the company employs 32 people. On Mondays, everyone is present at the office. Although employers can telecommute, many come to the office every day. Colorful socks and fun slippers are part of the developer's standard clothing in the summer.


The office is modern, and the bureaucracy is non-existent. Not everybody lives in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, remote work is done from Western, Central and Eastern Finland. The company has also invested in internationalization: applications to open jobs come from around the world: Asia, Africa and America. Odoo experts have already been recruited from India. The clientele is also made up of international growth companies such as Oceanvolt, Snowek, Kataikko and Goodio.

Digitalize to survive

Digital readiness forms a definitive competitive edge for today’ SME’s. Most of the mergers and acquisitions as well as generational shifts are immediately followed by a system update if it has not been done earlier. With today’s tools one should not have to go to the warehouse shelves to count how many products are available. Digitalization should save time and location independent access to all resources and knowledge about their allocation. Communicating with hand-written notes should be in the past.


Petri Heino states:
“It creates a huge goodwill if an ERP system is implemented successfully before corporate acquisitions. We are talking about even different digits in gained sums.”

ERP will become the digital backbone of any customer driven company.


Heino continues:

“The good news are that also SME’s can easily take on an ERP system, as Odoo is available from one single user upwards.”

A similar situation is encountered when startups raise capital: When an investor or VC enters the picture, clear reporting of how resources are developing are required. Growth companies are definitely looking for suitable ERP systems today. Often having gone through several options they select Odoo.

Reach the moon with the Team of Teams
in the beginning of 60’s someone at NASA promised that the man will walk on the moon by the end of the decade. It was supposed to be mission impossible but it worked out. Key to the success was team organization which unleashed the full capacity of the experts taking the leadership and keep the project in motion. The first moonwalk was done on schedule as we all know. SprintiIT is using similar thinking on the day-to-day work still in 21st century because it still works out well. We call it Team of Teams by SprintIT.


Partner Marko Happonen states:

“The most important thing in a self-organized team is that you are given the authority and support carry out your assignments without fearing to fail.”


Employees can spontaneously gather a team to meet the challenges they encounter in their daily work. Teams have even been assembled for recruiting summer workers. The most typical team is, of course, a dedicated and committed client project team, made of hard-core experts from the many fields of ICT development and architecture as well as professional project management. Coaching is available for any employee on a weekly and monthly basis, and coaches are easy to approach at any time.

SprintIT naturally uses it’s own Odoo ERP system for project work and internal processes. The Kanban project management tools and ticketing system provided by Odoo are vital parts of everyday business at SprintIT.

Good enough
The minimum viable product, MVP, could also be defined as “good enough”. So good that it gets the project fast in motion. The MVP accelerates the adaptation of the new system and targets the focus to the things that matter most to the customer.


Customers have thanked Odoo of how it makes work easier with fast and high usability. For example, a customer can access their new CRM often a month after the project is kicked off.


Usually also the CFO’s are satisfied with the fast repayment of the modular system architecture, as payback is received within months, not years. In an Odoo ERP project, new apps are added to ERP so that at the end, one gets a very vast, if so required, modular ERP with web pages, online store, newsletter, inventory and warehouse management, HR system, accounting, purchase, sales and billing as well as finance reporting. Deployment is done one module at a time, and all parts can be smoothly integrated with existing systems.


With a multi-use platform, such as Odoo, many old and redundant software systems can be replaced, thus resulting in additional savings.


For more information, please contact:


Petri Heino

Partner, Chairman of the Board

petri.heino @ sprintit.fi

+358 50 5378602


Catarina Myllärniemi

Mark & Com Lead

catarina.myllarniemi @ spintit.fi

+358 50 919 5739


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SprintIT develops its customers' competitive and growth potential through the availability and processing of information. SprintIT is a combination of agility, business intelligence and recognized professionalism. We are well-known for clever developers and the desire to build an ERP solution suitable for you. SprintIT wants to change the entire software market through open source applications. Today, SprintIT employs more than 30 experienced experts, with its turnover rising to more than two million euros. www.sprintit.fi


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