SprintIT's family is growing

Sprintit Oy, Tanja Arffman
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Vladi Parsonen B.Sc. Econ, 

Support Specialist

“Song is like Odoo module - ready to use”

Vladi is one of the newest members in SprintIT team. At the moment he is finalizing his master degree on information systems studies both in the University of Turku and in the University of Passau, where he has been studying information technolgy. Vladi has previous working experience from sales and he is very interested especially consulting work related to ERP. 

Vladi is a music enthusiast so he sees a lot in common between ERP and music. Vladi plays many instruments and writes songs. Vladi is a hardworking person, who brings more international know-how to our office. 

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Harri Matero, Team Leader, Support Specialists

I like to solve problems.

Harri is the Sprintit’s northernmost reinforcement. He is telecommuting from Oulainen, but visits the Helsinki office regularly. Harri grew up at countryside where his work ethic also comes from. Harri’s path to IT-industry has included working in metal industry and being an entrepreneur more than 10 years. While working in Ixonos his responsibility was installing and auditing the  servers in Finland and India. At SprintIT Harri is working as the team leader of the support specialists. He has working experience from Nokia and NSN with similar tasks. He likes jobs that includes problem solving. 

Harri has sailing as a hobby and he enjoys to sail the Gulf of Bothnia with his wife and dogs. Besides that Harri is active at sports that require endurance.