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Spring is in the air

Sprintit spring has been busy and is's already a while since last post. Here some of the highlights of what's been happening since lately. 

Our team has increased by three new employees and we have got both experience and young energy to our HUB13 Headquarters. More information about our members you find here. 

Warm welcome to our new team mates! 


We have made the first succesfull Odoo version upgrades. We are building Odoo Warehouse management with around 1000 pallet places. Odoo shall be used via mERP and industrial PDA scanning devices for receiving, picking and packing and shipping. We are working on Odoo garden solution for a big flower wholesales company. You realised only now how challening plant growing actually is. Scheduling of seedling purchasing, planting the seedlings and nursing requires planning tools that enalbles scheduling of the correctly matured flowers at customer expected delivery date. 

We've just went live with Odoo CRM for a well known Finnish furniture manufacturer. Next phase of the project consist of Sales, Accounting for Finnish bookeeping standards, Manufacturing and Warehousing. We are in middle of delivering Odoo Logistics solution for a contry wide retail chain. Yet another client used Odoo Point of Sales to launch Spring fishing gear sales last weekend. 

Here just a few of the cases we've been dealing with lately. It's been busy indeed here.

Sprintit Team wishes you all a merry and happy Wappu (1st of May)!