goes international with Odoo

It all started from a garage

Today, which operates in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, celebrates its activity for ten years and a million euros is lost in turnover.

Carpaint are sold to both professionals and vehicle enthusiasts. Painting a vehicle requires a lot of expertise. Some of the work is silent chemistry. Painting is a very technical work, in which grams and the order of use of substances are of great importance--the paint can be completely dry without work being done correctly. Because of the complexity of the job, online sales have not been considered the right channel.

Given that the starting point was that "no car paint can be sold online" was the starting point, we have done well in the online store very well.

- Kari Korkiakoski. 

There has been a tradition in the industry that manufacturers have their own representations. The wholesale network and retail trade are also arranged in the usual way. Numerous middle stairs have raised prices. From a online store, you can purchase without a middleman. It has also been attempted to bring the service to the client electronically. The online customer service answers your questions quickly and the products are pre-packaged in your packages, with help guides on Youtube.

Immediately after the first year,, who moved the whole business sector, employed one person's entrepreneur alongside Osmo Korkiakoski. Kari and Markku Korkiakoski are only partially involved in the actual business and are self-employed entrepreneurs. The family company has wanted to grow its own employees. Perseverance has a significant weight. Today there are six employees. Father Osmo Korkiakoski, a 75-year-old sales man, is still strongly involved in the company's operations. Now, for sale, it is enough to open the machine, and there are plenty of information about the system for future generations.

The company's growth and internationalization continues

Odoo technology, supplied by SprintIT, is available at for the management of sales, inventory, economy and logistics. Messages and emails from importers and other suppliers as well as projects and internal computing will go to Odoo.

Odoo is our daily technology.

CTO Jarkko Sassi

Jarkko Sassi, who lives in Sweden, is the cousin of Markku and Kari. He is the CTO, and his own company, the Vilkas online store, brings added value and expertise to the house. In addition to technology in the Swedish market, Jarkko has worked in the company for five years.

Sales has to be updated quickly. In Odoo, the management of balances is successful and it is possible to coordinate the activities of three different countries in an up-to-date manner.

Balances remain up to date, says Jarkko Sassi. The international Odoo software also supports all the language versions we need.

Translation options are functional and easy.

The company's net sales and the personnel recruited there have risen steadily. All development is funded by cash flow.  There are no license fees in Odo, but the company can invest in extending, customizing, and deploying functionality. Odo's modular and fully integrated application world supports phased deployment.

However, entrepreneurs did not have technology, but customer service as a top of mind. The car paint industry is actually a small niche, a narrow and specialized market. The company's reputation has been considered a very important issue. In addition, the company has invested in online marketing and social media.

Talk and be present.

According to CTO Jarkko Sassi, customers should not be bombarded with product releases, a more relaxed grip to produce better results. Jarkko advises using the phenomena.

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Automaalit.neti personnel at the Oulu warehouse.