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The Summer of Heimonen Garden in Finland is Busy – Odoo ERP System Supports Growth

Heimonen Gardens drains from plants at a fast pace. Owner and managing director Sami Heimonen answers the telephone from the loading dock:

We have big shipments running and all cars are on the go.

When the last loads have left in June, the number of staff in the garden decreases to less than half. This year, new technology has helped the deliveries: Odoo ERP system was introduced last fall.

Flower Power

The Heimonen Garden sells flower power to large retail chains. Plants can be divided roughly into three categories: potted flowers, colognes and ampoules. There are a hundred species of plants, and when it comes down to different colors, it's really a big jigsaw puzzle. In addition, cultivation is a day-to-day work: Each variety has its own planting and harvesting days.

In the Heimonen Garden the erp program suggest, according to orders, how many pots should be acquired. As a result of system knowledge traditional skills is the flower design. 

This spring was cold and therefore very challenging. We had all the possible tools from ERP system to common knowledge in our hands. This creates competitive advantage for us. 

Accumulate knowledge

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Experience is accumulated in cultivation constantly. Previously, information was collected into books and covers. Some information was preserved in stories told. 

At the end of the 20th century many farmers began to use spreadsheets. Finally, many files were created and collected but the data was still scattered. Now everything is in one ERP system.

Mr. Heimonen has entrepreneurial friends in many industries and through them he heard about ERP systems. 

The goal became to develop a system that combined orders, production and deliveries into one workflow. 

This year the gardens had a bit of trouble with the unusually cold weather. All the possible tools from ERP system to common knowledge were necessary. At the end, all deliveries were made and orders met.

It was positive to note how the Sprintit consultants familiarized themselves with flower breeding. Our main contact was available through design, testing and commissioning. Consultant Joni Kahila must know a lot about Impatiens walleriana varieties today, he states with a smile.

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