Cost Benefits

  • No license fees
  • Eco System with multiple service suppliers
  • Local support combined with a vast international network.
  • Support cannot be monopolized.
  • No one will be able to delete the technology from us.


  • Modular, sclable and adoptable to many integrations.
  • Web based cloud service.
  • Hundreds of audited modules
  • Thousands of community modules available for you.
  • Open source does not differ from the safety of licensed techonologies. 
  • Connections are SSL-tunneled (as bank connections) and the service can be based in client environment. 

  • SOA architecture, PostgreSQL
  • Several data security mechanisms

Better Quality

  • As all code is public, it brings out the best in every programmer
  • Mistakes are more likely to be noticed and anyone can do the bug fix.. 
  • Thousands of experts know the apps.

7 facts if you consider working with an open source techonology.

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