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SprintIT is the first  Odoo Gold Partner in Finland

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Focus on sales, do not stear at the warehouse. Let Odoo do the work.

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Why SprintIT


Our experts are experienced ICT professionals that have in depth business knowledge in addition to technology understanding. Our clients have told that they trust our experetees. 

Our passion its to create the best possible solution to support every day work. 

Quick payback

When we craft you ERP System, we divide the work into sprints. Sprints have a begnning and an end. With modular technology the payback begins almost immediatly after the sprint is ready and you do not have to wait for the whole ERP to be ready to start using your CRM or Warehouse applications.  

When all the necessary tools have been deployed function by function the risks of deployment can be better controled.

Fully integrated 

Odoo is the most downloaded Business App. Would you like your leads to connect with your CRM? So do we.  

Odoon has been developed in Europe, Belgium by truly listening to our clients. This software is a light year ahead of many other applications.  

Odoo has the worlds largest App Store. New apps are integrated seamlessly to the exsiting system.

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SprintIT Experts in Motion

SprintIT's publication is called SprintIT MOTION. Constant learning and development is high on our agenda. That's why we are in motion. We grasp the tasks with speed and do our work with high expertees and ethics. 
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