Naava living walls conquering the world 

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The Odoo ERP system supports

sales process, customer management and production

Naava is one of the most promising growth companies in Finland aiming for the international market. By 2020,  Naturvention solutions will help millions of people to breathe fresher indoor air in all the large cities around the world. 

The Naava air naturizer, “the world's smartest green wall”, is a design-element that purifies and freshens its surroundings. To ensure its mission by 2020, the company's processes are carefully detailed out, and they required from early on the support of a reliable ERP system that adapts to the company's needs. 

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Naava chose Odoo for sales process and customer management

After a careful comparison, Naava chose the Odoo ERP system to handle sales, customers and products.  “We tested about fifty different systems,  and it turned out that Odoo was the most convenient solution for us”, says Naava CTO Niko Järvinen

Niko has also designed the original, patented   Naava OS -technology. The invention was sparked by a personal mission: co-founder   Aki Soudunsaari suffered from poor indoor air, which inspired the development of Naava walls.

Demand for the smart Naava green walls grows fast in the urbanizing world, and since the company was founded in 2011 its revenue has at least doubled every year. The number of staff, currently at 50, is also continually growing. Naturvention puts a lot of effort into selling their product, and sales are a large part of its business.  

“We tested around fifty different systems, and Odoo turned out to be the most convenient solution for us.”

Naava CTO Niko Järvinen

Sales CRM tools automatize everyday tasks

All of our processes run on the Odoo ERP system, and we use the applications daily in sales, production, and even HR. Nothing is left to human memory. Running everything within the same system keeps things in order. For example, information about an order received in the system is sent directly to production, where the green wall will be built based on the client's specifications. 

Because living plants are an integral part of the Naava green walls, it is essential to take care of the plants to keep the walls functioning properly and without care to the customer. Therefore, maintenance of the wall is included as part of the product package when placing an order.  

"Sprintit has been a reliable partner with very independent project management."

Sprintit project manager Jukka Hauensuo
praises the way Naava manages their operations. Naava has provided their sales staff access to  Odoo customer management.  This gives salespeople a comprehensive 360° view of customer contacting and orders. The entire sales process, from leads to pricing to order confirmations, is managed within a single system. “The sales tools are available also for each new country to which we expand our business. This way, we can ensure that the basic elements of the sales process retain their high quality as we expand to new markets”, adds Järvinen from Naava.

Sprintit project management and the Odoo developer community receive praise

Naava has been very satisfied with the usability of   Odoon production and customer management modules.   Naava staff also appreciates the functionalities of sales and customer management. Templates for sales offers save salespeople a lot of time, allowing them to focus on engaging with customers and making sales. The visually high quality templates ensure consistent and carefully detailed offers and save time by automatizing everyday routines.

When selecting their new ERP system provider,   Naava wanted a partner with longstanding experience in project management and ERP implementations.  Järvinen says that the collaboration has run smoothly: "Sprintit has been a reliable partner, with very independent project management". Also  Project manager Toni Aalto from Naava is satisfied with Sprintit's ability to assist in developing the tools in the desired direction.

“The constant development of Odoo reduces our need to customize the software. For us, this means savings.” 

Naava upgrading their Odoo version

As Naava is expanding to new markets, Odoo grows with the business.  The software with its modular structure allows for agile expansion and easy scaling. The system grows together with the enterprise. At the moment, the main development task for Naturvention is upgrading the software version 8 to version 9. The new version will support business operations even better with improved usability, and the sales module functionality will be even easier to use. 

Naava applauds the Odoo developer community. “The constant development of Odoo reduces our need to customize the software. For us, this means savings.” 

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    The philosophy behind Naava living walls

    “Currently, indoor air in large cities around the world is unhealthy. We believe that everyone should have the right to clean indoor air.” 

    The Naturbo technology, developed and patented by Naava, uses microbes to purify indoor air. It works similarly to water treatment facilities, where microbes clean contaminated water for reuse.

    Naava green walls consist of plants set in an inorganic growth platform. The indoor air gets drawn through the plant roots, in which microbe populations break up harmful compounds into nutrition for the plants. 

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