Odoo is the technology of the future

Odoo ERP-toiminnanohjauksen kehitys on alkanut 12 vuotta sitten. Kaikki sai alkunsa, kun belgialainen visionääri Fabien Pinckaers decided to challenge the traditional ERP giants with a new modular system. He thought that it was time for the customers to get  a new agile business app that could bring an option to the bulky old ones. No wonder SprintIT clients say that Odoo is a light year ahead of the competition. 

Odoo is the most downloaded business app

Odoo is used by 160 000 companies and 3,7 million users around the world. There are more than 500 Odoo partners around that help clients adopt the various possibilities given by the app. Their network covers 100 countries around the world.  

Some 20,000 new companies and entities look Odoo up monthly, and almost 1,000 takes the app into use to support their business. Odoo is a growning technology due to many reasons. One of them are the partners who have developed over 4,500 apps. There are over 1,000 downloads a day. There is a freeware called Odoo Community. 

Enterprise-versio on Odoon itsensä kehittämä ja ylläpitämä versio, jonka puitteissa tehdään paljon edistyksellistä kehitystyötä. Maksullinen Enterprise-versio on saatavilla nyt yhdestä käyttäjästä alkaen.

Odoo Adapts to your needs

Odoo is versatile for the needs of different companies. The Odoo business application can also be integrated into any other systems. In addition to standard modules, the Odoo community has produced thousands of additional modules that can be browsed in the Odoo App Store. The plug-ins can be free or made to be sold by the Odoo partners and individual developers. The simplest ad-ons are small functionalities for existing applications, but the wider apps are a whole set of industry spiders that substantially expand the basic software with new industry-specific features. 

Benefits of Odoo

  • Modular architechture 

  • Scalability

  • Large network of partners

  • Ready to aply quickly

  • Käyttäjäystävällinen

  • Can be taylored

  • Fully integrated