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Snowek designs 21st century snow plows and sweepers, streat maintenance machines that last long and are light to use. Snowek transformed all customer, production and warehouse data into Odoo. The IT Project was delivered by SprintIT in only five month's time. 

Finland is a major country in snow handling machine design and production. 

Suction Against Dust in the Streets

After the snow come the slippery slopes that must be covered by layers of sand. One of Snowek's innovations is the waterfree  high pressure dust machine that has been patented. It has also the EU Street Dust certificate. 

The reliablity of their machines is of pride to the people at 

Snowek. When a snowy morning rises, the machines cannot be broken or in need of constant repair. The five Snowek employees purchases all the necessary components themselves that are required in the builden process. A vast network of suppliers is responsible of the production work. This is a modern, agile way of working that requires an equally flexible IT Solution

I mapped different forms of resource management. It seemed that Odoo was ahead of the light year.

 - Antti Nikkanen, Snowek Sales Director

Manual tapping is not the day, and the ever-growing component data is not staying away. Snowek is growing at 15%. The company's products are exported to neighboring areas, like other Scandinavian countries, both in Germany and France.

- There is rarely a system in place that does not have to be encouraged to use it within the company, adds Nikkanen. In fact, there is so much goodwill in our company that one of our employee said he could to swap from snow plows to Odoo's sales.

We do not have many duplicate systems. One is enough and that's Odoo.

- Antti Nikkanen, Snowek Sales Director

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Scope: From production to delivery in only one system
Snowek's manufacturing is done in a process that aims at high quality and durability of the products. The business consists of many components, so the purchases were in addition to sales, in a major role. The acquisition of the product was to ensure the view of the whole supply chain. Views were also created for subcontractors. The whole project management is also done in Odoo.
Timetable:  Ready in five monts
The project was launched on June 06, 2017, when a two-day Proof of Concept review was held with the customer, which will check which Odoo's basic features are suitable for the customer's needs and what is needed. After the holiday season a customer information system was implemented. Subsequently, various suppliers and later their own products and their manufacturing processes were added. Already at the end of August, both the sale and the billing were received from the system. Testing and the addition of additional properties as sprites had all been done six months after the start, 12 | 2017. The time spent working was spent five months, because one summer was a vacation.
Added value  Quick payback. All in one.
SprinIT's way of doing projects is to target a fast repayment period for a customer's investment: the first application will be available as soon as it is possible for customers to deliver data placed in CRM, for example in the sales module. Centralized data management also brings clear cost savings as all system needs are met by one Odoo software family. Once you learn how to use one module, then the same logic will stay in line and the user will always be on the map of how the software works. Training is much less needed than in many other deployments.

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