You can achieve amazing things with a great team

Come and join us in our work of developing the world towards an open and agile world. Odoo is an open source ERP with 4600 apps to add on.  Odoo is used on all continents by 3,7 million users. The Odoo Business App is in strong growth. In order to maintain our path of growth we need more savvy ICT experts in our team. We have in our hand the modern future tool that has limitless possibilities to support all kinds of cient needs and growing solutions. Our personal benefits for you are: 

- Possibility to constant growth and self-development
- Freedom to decide where and when you work. Remote working and flexible hours.
- Modernit yhteisölliset toimitilat: sijainti hyvien yhteyksien vierellä, startup-henkinen ympäristö, verkostoitumisen mahdollisuudet, koulutukset
- Freedom to choose your own tools to work with. Is your favorite Windows, Linux or Mac OS?
- Säännölliset lounaat, henkilöstöjuhlat ja tiimipäivät 
- Sprintit-AV- and reading groupsi

These are just a few things that affect how comfortable and satisfied you will be at work. What would you like to bring to the table? 


Järjestämme kaikille hakijoille yhteisen tilaisuuden Atomitien toimistollamme. Ilmoittaudu mukaan nyt, sillä paikkoja on rajoitettu määrä. Tiaisuudessa on Hackathon, haastatteluja, pitsaa ja olutta. Muista myös vinkata kaverillesi!


50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.